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DIGIRIT’s carbon chainring in Tokyo Olympics

At the just-ended Tokyo Olympics Cycling Track, someone told us, DIGIRIT's carbon fiber chainring ruled the game. He said that he had tried to count how many players used DIGIRIT's carbon fiber chainrings, but then he gave up and can only say that too many riders have used it.

Thanks to many top players for choosing DIGIRIT's carbon fiber chainrings, such as the Netherlands national team, the New Zealand national team, the Canadian national team, and riders from the United States, Suriname, Trinidad, South Africa, ... and many other countries.

This photo shows the signatures on the carbon fiber chainring by the Canadian national team riders after the game, they are so excited for the race results. (from IG: @finch.ry, the mechanic of Canadian national team)

The timing ranking of the Men's Sprint Qualifying. Many of them use DIGIRIT's carbon fiber chainrings. The two Netherlands riders who tied for the lead not only set a new Olympic record, but also won the gold and silver medals in the final competition.

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