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Jog +

A modern bike flashlight mount

Keeping yourself properly hydrated while taking a long bike ride is key to making the trip enjoyable. Especially on a hot summer's day, there is often a need to increase your bike's water carrying capability with an additional water bottle cage holder.

Whether it is a ride for a scenic tour or to stay in shape, it is a good idea to use both water and sports drinks as ways to stay hydrated during bike ride. This is where Jog Mount+ comes into place.

Jog Mount+ offers additional space to add a water bottle on bike stem while providing easier access to the water bottle. Because Jog Mount+ mounts on bike stem, it's essential for bikes that do not already have bottle cage frame mount such as downhill bike.

Product Specification

  • Weight: 24g with bolts
  • Fits 1-1/8" steerer tubes ONLY
  • Made of Al 6061 material with anodized finishing

  • Water bottle cage mounting screws are included (M5 x 8mm)

  • Fits water bottle cages with the mounting pitches ranging from 58 to 70mm

  • Color:Black/Red/Orange/Blue/Graphite


Where Is Jog Mount+ Installed?

Installing the Jog Mount+ is easy. All you need to do is replace your existing stem top cap with the Jog Mount+ and secure it with the screw for stem top cap. Please see the following video for your reference.

Jog Mount+ can be installed on various types of bikes such as down-hill, mountain, road and triathlon bikes.

With uneven arms, Jog Mount+ gives the option to be installed upright or reversed.

The upright position of Jog Mount+ brings the bottle cage backward while the reversed position brings water bottle cage forward. The difference between two positions is 26 mm.


Raised handlebar stems with an angle above 10 degrees are not compatible with the Jog Mount+.

Yet, adding a stem spacer between the Jog Mount+ and stem to raised the Jog Mount+ up a bit could eliminate the problem on the interference between water bottle and handlebar. Also, you could reverse your stem to lower handlebar down.

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