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Not just an ordinary pedal;

convenient parking is Pedal Park's edge.


Cycling has become an indispensable part of life.  The number of commuter cyclists and those riding for leisure or competition continues to grow.  These cyclists all need a convenient way to park their bicycles.


The Pedal Park fits all these types of bicycles and use cases, while making more efficient use of space when the bicycle is parked.  With no additional accessories needed on the bicycle itself, it also maintains the integrity of the original bicycle design.

Pedal Park is an enhanced pedal with magnets built into the sides.  Plentiful in any environment, the magnets make parking against any iron surface a breeze.


Consider parking against office furniture, public facilities, bicycle parking racks or self installed iron plates.  No additional tools are needed; the pedal need only be leaned against the iron surface.


Pedal Park's strong magnets hold fast on all size bicycles, and their light-weight construction doesn't add any additional weight beyond a regular pedal.

Pedal park - Alloy


        Note :

    1. Currency : USD

    2. Shipping charge : USD35 for international (others) / USD25 for parts of Asia / USD5 for domestic

    3. Pay method : PayPal / Manual

    4. Pay via PayPal, you can pay with your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

    5. For Taiwanese buyer, please choose Manual payment and contact
      (台灣買家請選擇手動付款,並email聯絡取得台幣匯款/轉帳帳號。或是加LINE聯絡購買,LINE ID如右圖。)


    6. For buyer in China/Hong Kong/Macao, you can use SF Express(順豐速運) with freight collect. Please place order here and choose Manual payment then contact to get payment account.(You need pay the product online.)

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